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InLightment Workshops

Yoga at Home

The InLightment Workshops

Whether your a beginner, intermediate or advanced, young or old Rev. Debra brings all of her modalities to present Cutting Edge Workshops.   These Workshops focus on the necessary tools to enhance your Aura & Chakras.  You will leave with the tools necessary to clear your space, how to read others, remove blocks, sharpen intuition, strengthen your connection with Source/God and manifest your desires.  The Workshops will teach you how to transmute common blocks in the chakras and techniques to heal them, expanding awareness meditation, and steps for activating chakras for long distance healing manifestation.

As a bonus Debra will share with you The Rose Reading a tool that will unlock your Past Lives.

Each Workshop is limited to 10 participants.

To attend the 3rd Workshop you must have completed 1 and 2.

1. Grounding & Sixth Chakra

This workshop opens with important Keys to successful Grounding. During this workshop learn how to open your ability to see into your 6th Chakra to ask the body questions. Seeing into the Chakras you will be able to determine if the person is or was on drugs, been sexual abused or any other blocks to clear.  

Date: TBD

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost per person: $175.00

2. Aura Clearing

In this workshop you will develop your skills of feeling the Aura field and clearing out any blockages. Listening to your intuition of when to start and stop.

Date: TBD

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost Per Person: $200.00

3. Reading the Chakra Systems Main Centers.

During this workshop you will be guided to Ground in your 6th Chakra while tuning into the energy around your hands and feet. Once this has been accomplished you will be able to read the Chakras in other people. You may feel what they are going through and be able to teach them how to clear themselves.

​Date: TBD


Duration: 3 Hours

Cost per person: $275.00

Personal Program

Need Special One-On-One Program?

A InLightment Coach works with a client to develop greater overall awareness and higher levels of perception. Clients always set the agenda while a InLightment Coach facilitates the process of discovery through: introspection, intuition, meditation, motivation and deep connection.

Who Would Benefit from this type of Program?

InLightment Coaching is for individuals seeking to understand life at a deeper and more profound level of awareness. 

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