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InLighment Sessions

The InLightment Meditations

The White Rose Meditation is a technique for forgiveness on past pain, people, places and things. Learn how to update your body.

1 1.2 Hour Session $105.00

The Guide Meditation is a technique for setting up a Guide that will be will you during different times in your life.  You will also learn techniques for knowing when they are around you, helping you or guiding you.

1 Hour Session $60.00

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The InLightment   
Rose Reading

The Rose Reading helps us connect to our past. Could recovering memories from a previous life help you in your current one? Past lives have helped some unlock trauma, explain anxiety, and even given context to a disease they are living with today.

The Rose Reading reviles up to 3 of your past lives to now.

1 Hour Session $90.00

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Rose Reading
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