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InLighment Sessions

The InLightment
Chakra & Aura Reading

How your Chakras can effect your body and different colors that are helping you to re-boot your system.

If you are experiencing imbalances in the body the Chakra maybe reversed, closed or even torn. Example, if you are experiencing high blood pressure, immune system problems and others in your space this would suggest that your Heart Chakra has been is comprised. 

You have over 3, 500 Chakra's in your body. Debra will be reading the 7 main Chakra's that are lined up in front and back of your body. The Chakra's are wheels of information from birth to now.

1 Session in person $70.00

Long Distance 1st Time $190.00

Long Distance 2nd Time $90.00

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Assorted Crystals
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The InLightment     Aura Clearing

Feeling off? Spacing Out? Physical Pain? These could also be understood as the need to cleanse your aura..If you are having an off day an Aura Clearing maybe the ticket you need to get focused! Get the tools today, for staying clear with Debra.

1 Hour Session $60.00

Aura Clearing
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