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Meet Debra

From an early age I knew I was different, I saw and heard things others did not. My voice was stifled at an early age from my Dad teasing me by holding me over a cliff. From then on I struggled to talk.  When I attended the Church of Divine Man in Everett a two year seminary, I understood why I stopped speaking. Our bodies hold unto everything until we let go of it.

Mind, Body and Spirit. I'm here to help people to remove stuck energy from their bodies and to learn more about them selves. What is your body trying to say to you? These techniques have changed my life for a better lifestyle. I'm not in caged at home or in fear of driving. Learning how to let go and heal the others who have verbally harmed me. I do a meditation on forgiveness. Myself and others. To end the cycle of abuse in all realms.

I am local to the area, as I went to high school in Lynnwood, WA and some college at Edmonds. I was a Care Giver for a lone time and have Certificates as a Reiki Master in 1985, Touch Therapy 2005, Ordination Minister 2009, Clairvoyance 2009, Techniques of Healing 2021, Usul Holy fire III Reiki Ryoho 2019. And on going Workshops since the beginning. All of these teachings have given me the foundation to create unique Sessions and Workshops that no one else offers.

I look forward to meeting you. ~Debra

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Reverend, Teacher, Artist, Psychic and Healer

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